We have all seen the news, read the articles, seen the health stats. Asbestos is bad news! Nobody likes it, nobody wants it, and we sure as heck don’t like paying to have it removed. It is the great unknown cost in all renovations or purchases of older homes.

And now you own some!

Look, the thing to remember is, you brought this house because you love it, it has charm, and charisma, sure it has a bit of asbestos, but there is no need to freak out about it, you CAN do something about it. asbestos removal brisbane city council is the answer, there are multitudes of contractors that are asbestos professionals that will come to your home and for a reasonable fee, will remove the asbestos, and you will never have to see the horrible disease forming stuff again!

How good when home free from asbestos

Be prepared to pay though. It isn’t cheap to remove, and for a good reason. The asbestos professional has to pay enormous insurances and levies imposed upon them by the Government to be licensed to work with asbestos. Then there is the cost of disposables, of which there are plenty! Add labour to that, and this is not cheap labour, even though asbestos removal is a shitty job, you need to be fully licensed, accredited, trained and insured. It’s. Not. Cheap. Then we get to asbestos waste, the Government in its infinite wisdom charges like a mallee bull at the gate for asbestos disposal. This cost will, of course, have to be passed on to you. Did I mention the asbestos professional has to pay a fee to have his vehicle and trailer registered with the EPA so that he can take your waste to the correct asbestos waste facility?

 So what are my options?

I’m so glad you asked, but first things first. Are you REALLY dealing with asbestos?

  1. Testing

This procedure is not hard to do, just call an asbestos professional, https://www.asbestoswatchbrisbane.com.au/asbestos-testing-brisbane/ has good reviews.  The asbestos professional will pop round to your home and collect a sample, send it to a NATA accredited lab and hey presto, you will usually have the results in your email the same day/ If it comes back as positive for asbestos, then I suggest you try;


Once upon a time, we used to encapsulate with paint. Many many layers of paint. It really was a bit of a hit and miss kind of things. Knowing how many layers for which area was always the problem. Nowadays we have you beaut special purpose, plastic type asbestos coating ‘paint’.

Encapsulation could save you thousands. Not to mention what it will do to the value of your home by covering up all of that unsightly asbestos. The best benefit though of course is that you will be protecting your family or colleagues from hideous asbestos-related diseases. This is the real benefit. If you would like to learn more about asbestos, please continue on to read the below guides. And remember, Take Action! Safeguard your health today!

Further Reading:

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Asbestos Waste – https://www.sunshinecoast.qld.gov.au/Living-and-Community/Waste-and-Recycling/Recycling-and-Waste-Disposal/Asbestos-Disposal


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