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A DIY Budget Bedroom for Under $500

First I put together a room inspired by my pinterest pins, and you, my lovely readers, asked if I could do a budget version. So I put together a living room for under $1000. Which, I get, is still a lot of money. So you challenged me to go even more budget. So here it is: a sleek, minimalist, midcentury bedroom for under $500.


For this post, I wanted to emulate a minimalist, midcentury look. Here are a few examples of the look I was going for:


via the jungalow


via designsponge


via homepolish


how to put together a DIY budget bedroom for under $500:

It was really important to me not to sacrifice style as I was putting together this post, but you do  have to make some concessions somewhere in order to save money. In this room, you’ll need a bit of elbow grease and willingness to do some DIY. But the end result, I think, would look amazing.

Bed + Headboard:


Start with an inexpensive platform bed – the Braxton Studio Platform Bed from Wayfair is only $222.* I love how high end it looks in the Walnut stain!

Instead of a traditional headboard, go with an inexpensive DIY option. The best part about this is the flexibility — you can always go back and switch it up later for a relatively small cost. I love the tassel garland found on this Apartment Therapy Post:

tassel garland over bed

There are lots of tutorials for making something similar around the web — here’s one.

Total cost: approx. $250


For the dresser, you have two options: refinishing a Craigslist find, or if a good Craigslist option is hard to come by, tackling an Ikea hack. Thankfully, there are lots of amazing Ikea hack tutorials available around the web. Here are a couple of my favorites:


I love the minimalist, midcentury look of this elegant Ikea hack from Earnest Home Co.

Lacquered Ikea Hack Dresser

A completely different look that would still feel at home in my inspiration rooms, this lacquered Ikea hack from Lindsey Crafter looks so sleek and high end!

Total cost: approx. $75 for dresser and supplies


resize-1Rugstudio to the rescue again! This sleek herringbone rug is discontinued, so it’s reduced to only $24.00 for the 2×3 size.


And I’m in love with the stunning pattern of this rug, a bit more expensive but still completely affordable at $40 for a 2×3 rug.

Cost: $24

Midcentury Side Tables:

This is another item you might luck out with and find on Craigslist, but if you don’t, the DIY instructions from Jamie’s Home Blog make this gorgeous version seem completely doable:


Cost: My ballpark guess for this project is around $60, although I could be way off.



I love this midcentury-look chair from Wayfair,* which is a fairly affordable option at $233. But that puts us over budget. So what to do? Time to get crafty again.

I’ve sourced some great midcentury chairs before on Craigslist and at local vintage stores for $40-50. There are some great guides to refinishing midcentury chairs around the internet, but this one on the DIYNetwork site seems like one of the easiest to follow.


If I were to pick a fabric for the chair in this room, I’d probably go with something like this from Fabric.com*:


Total cost: I’m going to ballpark this at around $100, but it could vary a lot based on how much the chair costs, how much work it needs, and what materials you already have on hand.

Approximate Cost of the Room: $510

Adding together all the elements, including an approximate cost for supplies, this room clocks in at around $510. Shopping carefully for materials and using things you already have on hand should keep the cost firmly under $500. Even a few of the ideas could be incorporated into your existing decor to give a pretty significant overhaul to the look of the room.

Now that I’ve actually put this together, I’m tempted to actually use these ideas for decorating our guest room! Is that something you’d like to see?

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